PVC hoses, transparent "made in Germany" with or without fabric (for example APDatec 81), food-safe. For the transport of liquid food according to EU guideline 10/2011 for food simulants A, B, C.


Also for compressed air or other industrial applications. Available in many diameters directly from stock! We have coloured versions as well!

to the products...


When it gets dirtier again:


Construction flat hoses ready integrated with Storz-couplings and matching jet pipe!



For example

Layflat hoses


Ozone-, weather- and UV-resistant as well as highly flexible, the fields of application are almost limitless - the new Tigerflex-PLUS water hose will be in stock from March.


Already now we would like to inform you personally about the advantages of this premium hose.



Do you work under high water pressure? Then order the Tigerflex-PLUS directly assembled with high-quality GEKA Plus couplings!

The snow chaos has taken control of the south of Germany and Austria.


First things first: Please stay safe and take care of yourself.


But be prepared, because after the snow comes the next weather extremes - the flood!


We also can help you in unpleasant situations with the wide product range of APD Schlauchtechnik of flat hoses including Storz coupling or suction- and pump hoses!


Available from stock!

Layflat hoses

Januar 2018

Revolution in your garden!



Our SMARTFLEX SMT series rings the bell for a new era in the field of garden hoses.

It surpasses anything else before with its revolutionary SMT technology and brings high tech to your garden. That makes it not only interesting for the industry but also particularly for the hobby gardener!





Because of its 5-layer construction, including the new SMT fabric technology the hose does not buckle even with large torsions and always keeps its shape! The SMARTFLEX SMT Silver still remains very flexible and can be rolled up particularly easy on hose trolleys.







Convince yourself on the unique SMARTFLEX SMT Silver and join us in a new era of garden hoses!

December 2017

We are moving to our new facility at the ende of this year


Preparations are going full speed ahead: Moving 70 employees with offices and workshops, 7,000 palettes of finished goods and 21 production lines takes a lot of detailed planning.


Today we would like to give you a short update of our schedule as it stands today.


Friday, 8 December 2017 is the last day we can make shipments from our main warehouse.


We are moving to our new facility at the end of this year


On Monday, 11 December 2017 we will start moving 7.000 palettes. This will take about 2 weeks during which no shipments can be made from our main warehouse.


During this period, our production is running as usual. This means that we can ship finished batches on palettes directly to our customers.


On Friday, 22 December 2017 we are starting to move our offices and 21 production lines.


Work on offices and the main warehouse should be finished between Christmas and New Year. Installing all production lines should take another 2 weeks - we are aiming to be finished by Friday, 12 January 2018.


As of 2 January 2018 you can find us at


Technologiering 12

41751 Viersen-Dülken, Germany


We will let you have our new telephone numbers as soon as we have them. Of course, calls to our current numbers will be forwarded for a few months so that you can reach us.


Even though we have scheduled our move for a relatively quiet time of the year, there is always the element of the unexpected in a project like this – no matter how detailed the plans or how good people implementing them. Should you experience any delays in the first weeks of the New Year, please be assured we aim to do our best for customers.


To avoid problems, you can support us by ordering your hose needs well in time before the scheduled move of our warehouse on Friday, 8 December 2017.


We will of course keep you informed should there be any changes in the timeline due to for example delays in the acceptance of works by the building authorities.


We are looking forward to continuing working with you and serving your needs from our new location.

Press realease_Moving to the new facility_December 2017

December 2017

Palett spaces to rent!


We are now renting free palett spaces in our new logistic center at Technologiering 12 in 41751 Viersen-Mackenstein.


• Paletts of all sizes up to 2.4 m in height (no dangerous goods)

• Delivery via ramp or at ground level

• Reach trucks, picker for high-level ranks and fast order pickers available

• Storage and retrieval by our staff 24 hours, 5 days / week

• Sprinklers, central fire alarm system and burglar alarm system available

• Under 10 minutes to the freeway A52, A61


The storage is done by using state-of-the-art logistics software. All pallets receive their own barcode for the quickest possible processing.

Please contact us for further questions.