Abrision restistand hoses

Dust an material handling till heavy bulk products 

Agricultural Engineering

Grain drying, pumping equipment, transport of seeds and animal feeds. Barn and...

Antistatic hoses

Granulate transport, pellet transport

Aquarium hoses

Oxygenation of aquariums


Wiper wash, water drain, sunroof, tank neck 


Battery and accumulator technology

For watering systems, also cut individually 

Building drying

Drying of new buildings, basements, devices using hot air, heating of tents and halls


Chemical fumes and gases, high temperature

Extraction of gases and fumes (pay attention to resistance, see Chapter 13) 

Computer technology

Air hoses for large computer systems and hoses for water cooling

Compressed air technology

Fibre-reinforced hoses for compressors


Decor hoses

Lighting technology, by inside lighting equipment

Dosing, weighing, filling

Transportation of bulk materials of different sizes for processing, weighing and packaging

Printing Presses

Use on offset machines for drying or control in pressure or vacuum applications

Drain hoses

Coolant return to lathes, tool machines, drilling machines, sanitary


Electrically conductive hoses

Electrically conductive hoses

Dedusting technology

Easy dust removal in wood, paper, textile industry. Also in ceramic industry and ...

Hazardous areas

Appearances in hazardous areas

Exhaust hoses

Automotive Production and repaires, winding and exhaust rail systems

Extractor hoses

Kitchen fume extraction in the private and industrial sector


Paint spray exhaust

Extracting Fumes in mobile or stationary paint booths

Faßpumpen und Behälterpumpen

Drum pumps and container pumps

Flat Hoses

Expiration and pressure hose for pumps, hose with a Storz couplings and a protective hose for lifting straps

Liquid transport

Transport of liquid media in all industrial fields, such as coolant, inks ...


Brass fittings with hose connection, srews, fast closure and hose clamps

Fire damage reconstruction

Hoses for screed drying including all connecting elements



Water hoses, spraying tubes and pump hoses



Grain transport

Bulk hoses for grain, seeds, animal feed, for silos and vehicle technology, in ...

Granules transportation

Extrusion or injection molding coating technology

Suction of grass

At municipal vehicles for grass and leaf vacuuming

Slurry technology

Hoses for slurrybarrels, specifically ozone and UV-proofed


Haspel hoses

Wandhydranten, Fahrzeughaspeln

House connections

Hoses with special inner stratification for easy pulling ofcables and wires

Woodworking industry

Extraction and transport of dust in surface technology


Industrial vacuum cleaners

Extraction at industrial or household vacuum cleaners for dry or liquid media


Garden hoses, spraying tubes and fittings



Cable protection conduits

Cold flexibility

Appearances in the minus temperature range with full flexibility, especially in the field

Sweepers and scrubber

Suction, water management

Winery needs

Suction and pressure hoses, food grade according to EU 10/2011

Wastewater treatment plants

Wastewater treatment plant

Air conditioning and ventilatio

Air conditioning and ventilation in all areas, especially architectural and automotive technology


Interruption of vibration and noise within pipelines, to vibrating screens, to ...

Kitchen technology

Use of cooker hoods on large furnaces


Laboratory technology

Suction on laboratory benchs and test grounds


Grain drying, pumping equipment, transport of seeds and animal feeds

Dust extraction

At municipal vehicles for grass and leaf vacuuming, Countertop and embankment mower

Food and pharmaceutical industries

Food quality hoses FDA for food and pharmaceutical industry

Lightweight, highly flexible hoses

Very flexible and axially compressible hoses for easy air conditioning and ventilation


Extraction for paint shops, filling stations of solvents ...


Material handling

Granules, grains, grain foods, pellets, sand, gravel ...

Medical technology

Hoses according to DIN EN ISO 5359 for Tripods

Medium and high temperature

Steam extraction in the glass industry, metallurgical industry, ceramics industry, exhaust technology

Mobile Toiletten

Exhaust Hoses, suction hoses, water supply

Enginge technology

For air filters and turbocharger



Depending on the design suitable for handling of hot air, fumes, gases, dusts and to ...


Oil mist extraction

On machine tools with use of drilling and cutting oil


Peristaltic pumps

Mono extruded hoses made of silicone and polyurethane for industrial applications


Vacuum Hoses for industrial, household and petrol stations. Swimming pool equipment ...

Pharmaceutical Industry

When dosing tube in tablet production (mixing to packaging), for dust collection at ...


Pneumatics pipes PE / PA / PU for the automotive and pneumatic control ...

Pump technology

Pneumatics pipes PE / PA / PU for the automotive and pneumatic control ...


Reactor technology

Exhaust Hoses in the sealed reactor area, airlocks and air conditioning

Roof gravelling

Hoses for the riser edges and distribution


Seeding Technology

Hoses with very low internal resistance and high UV and ozone resistance


Special designs available on request

Hose fittings

Brass fittings with hose connection, thread, fast closure and hose clamps

Bulk materials handling

For material handling of solid media or powders

Welding gas extraction

Extraction of welding fumes from mobile devices with telescopic equipment, stationary equipment

Flame resitant hoses

Extraction of wood dust and chips in applications to 4102 B1

Swimming pool equipment

Pool cleaning, also as a floatable version on request

Silicone hoses

Air technology to + 300 ° C, generally very good chemical resistance

Atomizing Sprayers

Hoses with high chemical resistance for all common pesticides

Suction Hose

Appearances in the ventilation and air conditioning, exhaust of gases, vapors and dusts.

Steam Extraction

Metal industry, in harding shops, Ironing vapors,ceramic indutry, paint shops

Sealing technology

Cords mada of PVC, PU, etc. O-ring, tube pieces


Pond technology

Suction and pressure hoses for all pumps and wells

Temperature resistant hoses

Hoses for temperatures above 100 ° C

Textile industry

Extraction of fibers, fluff and fabric dust on knitting, weaving and spinning machines

TRGS 727

Appearances in hazardous areas


Traversable Hoses


Vacuum technology

Pump technology, agricultural technology, vacuum guide in energy chains


Air conditioning and ventilation in all areas, especially architectural and automotive technology

Packaging technology

Transportation of bulk materials of different sizes for processing, weighing and packaging...


Hot air hoses

Austrocknung von Neubauten, Kellern, mittels Warmluftgeräten, Heizen von Zelten und Hallen

Dryer hoses

Kitchen fume extraction in the private and industrial sector. Condensate containing on air ...


Suction and pressure hoses, food grade

Vineyard Heating

Heating by vineyards, orchards and greenhouses. Avoid early or ...

Whirlpool and swimming pool

Hoses for ventilation, coordinated with adhesive sleeves

Caravans and campers

Hoses for heating, fresh water, waste water, toilet flushing


Strain relief

Hoses with special strain relief threads